About PinballPix

PinballPix ~ Pinball BlogI’ve always been a huge pinball fan.

As a kid I loved to go to the 7-11 down the street from my house to drink cherry Icee’s, eat candy, and play pinball games for as long as my quarters would last.

As a teen, my favorite thing about the local bowling alley was the arcade, and the many pinball games there gave me hours and hours of enjoyment.

As an adult I am still in love with the silver ball. I play locally whenever I can, I attend the incredible annual Pacific Pinball Expo and California Extreme (the wonderful annual classic arcade game and pinball show), and I am addicted to Pinball FX2, a digital pinball suite developed by Zen Studios in Hungary for Xbox and PlayStation.

My husband and I even played pinball on our first date. We’re still together 17 years later so I think that letting him beat me at pinball that night worked! 😉

One of the things that I admire the most about pinball is the gorgeous artwork on the machines. Every year at the Pacific Pinball Expo I bring my camera and tripod to take photos of the backglass for my collection. I started using these images as desktop wallpaper on my computer. It’s funny, when you use a photo of pinball backglass on your computer it almost looks like a smaller version of the real deal. So much so that if you do this at work your employer might even think that you’re playing pinball instead of working, ha!

I wanted to share my photographs and desktop wallpaper with other pinball aficionados so I created this blog. I hope that you have fun ogling over all of the beautiful games and that you enjoy your visit at PinballPix.

Thanks, and come again soon!

Truly Yours,
Pinball Pollyanna